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Buisiness Law

Business Services

Cultura Law is a boutique firm with a department dedicated to corporate law specifically the representation of entrepreneurs and small businesses. We are strong team of attorney’s that provide a broad range of corporate services. We do not handle mergers or acquisitions but we provide our clients with the tools to establish, run and grow their business. Our goal is to protect the interest of our clients and to help them succeed weather they own a mom and pop shop or a mid sized corporation. 


Types of representation


We offer clients two separate types of representation each of which has specific qualities that may be appealing to different clients for different reasons.


The first type is a representation on a “Case by Case basis”. This type of representation offers clients the flexibility to only use our services when they need a contract written or advice on a specific business transaction. This type of service often lowers the built in cost of having a sub-contracted in-house counsel. The drawback to this kind of representation is that the firm has less time to familiarize itself with your goals and company culture.


The second is representation on a “Sub-contracted in house counsel basis”. This type of representation offers some particular benefits: (i) we maintain a long-term involvement in your business (ii) we cultivate a deep familiarity with the culture, and legal needs of your company (iii) We become an integral part of our management team.


Services our firm can offer


  • Advice and counseling for startups


  • Corporate formation (all types of entities) including preparation of necessary documents


  • Operating agreements, limited partnership agreements and founders agreements


  • Consulting and employment agreements


  • Commercial contracts, service agreements, vendor/supplier agreements etc…


  • Corporate structuring and corporate governance


  • Confidentiality & Licensing agreements

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