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Real Estate Law (PA Only) 

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Purchase & Sale Agreements 


If you want a standard agreement like those used by real estate agents, we have you covered as well. We can fill it out for you, or we can give you a blank agreement so you can do it yourself. We have a solution to fit your need. 



If you are investing in a property or doing a for sale by owner and you need a real estate contract drafted, we have you covered with tailored residential or commercial property agreements for sale. These agreements are tailor made for your particular transaction.  ​

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Rent to own & Seller Financing


If you are selling your property and your buyer will be paying you little by little or in several lump sums you want to make sure that you are protected.

Rent to own, lease purchase or installment agreements are all agreements where the buyer is purchasing the property but not paying the full amount right away.


These transactions are tricky for buyers and sellers and a strong custom agreement is needed to make sure that your investment is protected. This is why having a quality attorney drafted agreement like those we provide is so important. ​

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Mortgage & Note Creation 

Private Money Lenders:

If you are lending money to a family member or friend or if you are in the business of financing real estate investments we are the firm for you. We draft high quality Mortgages and Notes to secure your loan, we tailor the terms per transaction and we will even work with your title insurance company to make sure your mortgage and note are executed at closing, your initial fees are collected and your documents are recorded. We will also give you information on your rights and protections. 

Seller Financing: 

 If you’re selling a property but you will be acting like the bank then you are going to need to be protected by the bank. We write mortgages and notes to make sure your loan is secured, has first priority and that you can foreclose if needed.


& Residential Leases 

We create high quality Commercial and Residential leases. We take two approaches to creating your lease: 


We take time to customize a lease that you can use for all of your tenants. Like a tailored suit these leases are made to fit you and your needs to specification while providing protection for those common and uncommon issues that could ruin your day. We are here to make your property keep its value and profitability while protecting your investment. 



We understand that sometimes you need something fast, effective and that you can use again and again in similar circumstances. For these occasions we have battle tested leases that we have crafted to protect your investment from and allow you to conduct business with peace of mind. 


Why Bother?

Leasing property seems easy until issues occur in the property, a tenant stops paying or becomes a nuisance or a national pandemic causes business to close and evictions to stop. It is at these times where your lease makes all the difference. You can loose thousands of dollars in rent or you can stop the bleeding and get back to collecting profits your options will be limited by your lease. We are proactive and detail oriented so that our clients are protected. 



Real Estate Closing

We help people transfer properties all the time. This might be an investment, a sale, adding someone to your title or removing someone from title. Whatever your needs may be if title needs to be transferred, we can help you fast. 

Clearing Title

We work to clear your title by contacting creditors, pulling title reports, negotiation and litigation. Whatever a transaction needs we are here to help clear and protect your property.  

Obtaining Satisfactions on Old Mortgages 


Many times, you go to sell a house to find that an old mortgage that you paid off is still clouding your title. The company might no longer exist, or you may not have documentation of your payments due to how long ago the payments occurred. In these situations, we step in to help you obtain the satisfaction you need to clear your title and sell your home or a court order to help you do the same. ​

Partitioning Homes 

So, you bought a home with someone and now you are not on good terms or you want to sell your share and the other side does not want to buy your share, we can help. We can file actions in partition to make sure that you are bought out or your property is sold, and you get your fair share of the profits. We help you get free of your joint property. ​

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