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Criminal Defense 

DUI Defense 

What’s the Cultura Law difference?


We believe in fighting for our clients rights by any legal means. We will try to negotiate the best deal for you but we are not afraid to go to trial.  We listen to our clients priorities, and then we set a strategy for success.  That may be challenging the legality of the stop, the validity of the Breathalyzer test, the administration of field sobriety test or blood test.  Whether you believe that you are guilty of DUI or not let us help you avoid going to jail, losing your license and heavy fines.


Every client’s goals and definition of success is different. Cultura Law stands out because we craft our strategy around our clients’ needs and not what is easier for us. We understand that for some client ARD is the best way out of a DUI charge but for other clients a success at trial is required. We try to ensure that our clients feel like they received the best service that money can buy while charging them reasonable fees. We understand that your money, freedom, and mobility are important. 

Criminal Attorney?  

Following is a list of reasons you must hire a lawyer:

  • He or she can protect your rights: While in police custody, you have certain constitutional rights. However, without a trustworthy criminal defense attorney, police may violate these rights. Operating out of Reading, Pennsylvania.

  • Your lawyer is knowledgeable: The attorney you hire can provide you with information on everything that is going on. He or she can explain the system and help you understand the process.

  • Your lawyer can fight for you: One of the most important reasons to hire an attorney is so that he or she can fight for you both in and out of court.

  • Your lawyer can help you appeal a conviction: In the event that your arrest leads to a conviction, your criminal defense lawyer can help you file an appeal.

Drug Defense 

Today millions of Americans are in jail for drug-related crimes, many of them simple possession charges. This has become a problem for American society and has drawn the attention of even the President of the United States, but on a smaller level, it demonstrates that prosecutors are not shy about pursuing drug charges against defendants.


At Cultura Law we’ve been fighting for those accused of drug-related offenses. Our criminal defense attorney’s understand how the criminal justice system can work against the rights of defendants. We can provide you with skilled, passionate legal representation if you’ve been accused of a drug-related offense.


If you’ve been accused of a drug crime and need an experienced criminal defense attorney at this difficult time in your life, please call The Cultura Law 610-375-4380 for a $40 consultation.


There are a wide range of crimes that fall under the category of “drug-related.” The sentences you could be facing for these crimes range from probation to lengthy prison terms. It depends on the seriousness of the charges, as well as the skill of your criminal defense attorneys.


At Cultura Law, our criminal defense attorneys level the playing field. We understand prosecutorial tactics, and we know how to defend those charged with drug-related offenses.



Thoroughly investigating your case


Enthusiastically cross-examining witnesses and casting a critical eye on the state’s evidence such as field testing.


Making a compelling case for a not guilty verdict


If necessary, entering into a plea agreement on your behalf that looks out for your rights


If you’re looking for a skilled criminal defense attorney to help you fight drug charges brought against you, please Cultura Law today.

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